Preparing for Cybersecurity Resilience and Incident Response.

In this webinar, Patrick Garrity, Security Researcher at Nucleus Security and Erin Joe, Senior Executive from Office of the CISO at Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud) and former Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center at ODNI as well as former FBI Senior Executive,  provide an in-depth look at how leaders in enterprise organizations can better prepare for Cybersecurity and Incident Response.  

Erin also shares real-world examples of how to navigate a crisis, including how to work with government agencies in the event of a cyberattack. 

Throughout the webinar, they also cover topics such as: 

  1. Examples of recent cyberattacks that have exploited vulnerabilities or zero-day attacks 
  2. The importance of having a cybersecurity crisis plan in place 
  3. The advantages of working with third parties and federal agencies during a cybersecurity incident 
  4. The role of leadership in building cybersecurity resilience 

They also discuss how to develop a strategic plan for cybersecurity incidents, and provide actionable tips on how to work with third parties and federal agencies during an incident. 

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