Uniting Your Security Stack

If you’re trying to do enterprise vulnerability management at scale, chances are you’re working with a lot of different stakeholders on multiple teams each using their own set of preferred tools and processes. This creates a lot of friction. It’s hard to have effective communication and collaboration without visibility into the whole of your vulnerability and risk picture. It complicates setting priorities across individuals and teams, and makes accurate reporting and performance benchmark a challenge.

Enterprises have multiple tools for asset inventory and vulnerability scanning, including network and cloud infrastructure, CMDB, ASM, static and dynamic analysis, endpoint, etc. Additional sources of vulnerability data include third party penetration testing and compliance findings. Wouldn’t it be game changing if there was one tool to integrate all these sources? Imagine if you could see your entire enterprise’s asset and vulnerability data in one place, making it easy to assess which assets and vulnerabilities are the highest priorities?

Nucleus Overview

Introducing Nucleus for Vulnerability Management

Nucleus is an all-in-one aggregation and automation platform for managing assets and vulnerabilities that enables security teams to conduct vulnerability management and application security activities at scale. One of the core capabilities in Nucleus is the ability to ingest, correlate, deduplicate, and normalize all the vulnerability data – including network, application, and cloud resources – that exist in disparate tools across all the units and teams across your enterprise. The data is then available in one centralized location, alongside pen test results and compliance findings, where it can be analyzed, prioritized, and acted on.

  • Use Nucleus to manage and monitor all vulnerabilities discovered via scanning, penetration testing, or compliance audits – in one location.
  • Customize the Nucleus risk-scoring algorithm to ensure your organizations vulnerabilities are correctly prioritized.
  • Fix vulnerabilities faster and with less resources using automation rules to trigger alerts, create tickets, send reports, and more.
  • Automatically maintain a full record of asset and vulnerability data with activity timelines that persist over time.

Above all, Nucleus is designed to make you and your team more effective and efficient by using workflow automation to minimize the time and energy required to handle the routine subprocesses of vulnerability management, which include Discovery, Enrichment, Analysis, Remediation, and Monitoring. It’s a power tool to help you remediate more of the most critical vulnerabilities faster and with less headache and effort than you ever thought possible. We’re not big on hype and we’re proud that Nucleus customers call the app a game changer for their security programs and unreal in terms of time savings and gains in efficiency. But don’t take our word for it…

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