Modernizing Vulnerability Management

If you have an initiative or project to level up how your organization manages cybersecurity risk and vulnerabilities, chances are a critical first step is aggregating and centralizing all vulnerability and asset data in one place so it is accessible to everyone who needs it. You have looked at a scanning vendor’s solution, a SIEM or a SOAR, or other types of data aggregation tools that claim to solve this use case. You may have learned what many others have: These options are not specialized, flexible, or economical enough to make sense for an effective and cost-efficient solution for managing vulnerabilities and the associated risk at enterprise scale.

Enterprises need a tool that is specialized, performant, and easy to implement for managing vulnerabilities and providing visibility at scale. Your organization is likely to have a dozen or more platforms for asset inventory and vulnerability scanning including network and cloud infrastructure, CMDB, ASM, static and dynamic analysis, endpoint, etc. Over time, different teams have purchased and are using their own preferred tools. All that critical vulnerability data is fragmented in many places and impossible to manage without the right kind of tool. If it were as simple as aggregating data, using a SIEM or pushing vuln data into a BI tool that would work well enough. The challenge comes when your security team needs to quickly analyze and act on the data but lacks the modern tooling to do so.

Nucleus Overview

Introducing Nucleus for Vulnerability Management

Nucleus is an enterprise aggregation and automation platform for asset and vulnerability information, that enables security teams to conduct vulnerability management and application security activities at scale. It unifies and organizes vulnerability data to align with your organizational structure, delivering curated vulnerability and risk information that support teams, asset owners, and security stakeholders need to respond swiftly and appropriately. Nucleus monitors vulnerability management key performance indicators, within each team, product, or any organizational unit you define, enabling leadership and management to identify the business areas representing the most risk to the organization, develop a plan of action for improvement, and monitor progress over time. With Nucleus, you can:

  • Make aggregated vulnerability data visible and accessible to everyone who needs it.
  • Report on status, progress, and risk in all the ways you need and on a repeatable schedule.
  • Create accountability and benchmark performance across business units and teams.
  • Standardize prioritization so everyone is focused on fixing the right vulnerabilities.
  • Dynamically create and maintain a clean and complete asset inventory.
  • Represent your organizational hierarchy in the context of assets and vulnerabilities accurately with native multi-tenancy.
  • Accelerate response and remediation by automating many of the most manual, time-consuming tasks involved in managing vulnerabilities including grouping assets, ticketing, and remediation workflows.
  • Effortlessly maintain a full record of asset and vuln history with activity timelines that persists infinitely.
  • And much, much more!

Nucleus is designed to make you and your team more effective and efficient at doing, and automating as much as possible, the subprocesses of vulnerability management including Discovery, Enrichment, Analysis, Remediation, and Monitoring. It is a powerful tool to help you remediate more of the right vulnerabilities, the most critical, fast and with less headache and effort than you ever thought possible. We are not big on hype but we are proud to share that Nucleus customers have called the app a game-changer for their security programs and unreal in terms of time savings and efficiency gains. But do not take our word for it…

See Nucleus in Action for Yourself!