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Unified Vulnerability Management

Nucleus is built to solve the tedious vulnerability management process through data unification and smart automation of tasks throughout the entire workflow.


Use Nucleus to manage and monitor all vulnerabilities discovered via scanning, penetration testing, or compliance audits – in one location.


Customize the Nucleus risk-scoring algorithm to ensure your organizations vulnerabilities are correctly prioritized.


Fix vulnerabilities faster and with less resources using automation rules to trigger alerts, create tickets, send reports, and more.

The Benefits of Nucleus for Enterprise VM

Nucleus unifies existing tools in your security stack, creating a centralized hub to control the chaos of vulnerability analysis, triage, and remediation.


Vulnerability scanning and discovery is just the first step towards an enterprise vulnerability management program. Nucleus ingests and normalizes all of the vulnerability data in your enterprise, enabling your organization to:

  • Analyze, track and search all vulnerability information, from all tools, penetration tests and audits, from a single console
  • Organize your assets and corresponding vulnerability data to best fit your monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Automate your vulnerability management workflows and triage processes
  • Maintain accountability and measure key performance indicators for each business unit, department or subnet


Every organization has a different approach and methodology to prioritizing vulnerabilities. Nucleus lets organizations customize the vulnerability prioritization and risk scoring algorithm based on the vulnerability attributes that are most important to the vulnerability management team, resulting in:

  • Continuous vulnerability and asset risk scoring that is contextual to your organization
  • Massive reduction in time spent determining the true risk of each vulnerability based on the assets affected
  • Accurate risk reports based on vulnerability intelligence, threat intelligence and asset context


The most time-consuming phase of vulnerability management is the remediation process. Each vulnerability must be assigned the correct team or individual for remediation, tracked, and confirmed to be fixed once remediation occurs. Nucleus automates this process, saving you time and greatly improving your time to remediate through:

  • Bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems, issue trackers, incident response tools, SIEMs and more
  • Flexible automation rules to automate your existing vulnerability management workflows and processes
  • Real-time views of all active vulnerabilities and their current remediation status

Notable Nucleus Features

Integrating with over 70 scanners and external tools, Nucleus ingests the entire scope of vulnerability data and consolidates it into one place, automating the remediation process so teams work more effectively.

Controlling the Chaos of Vulnerability Management

70+ Integrations

Nucleus integrates with 70+ tools to orchestrate and automate vulnerability management workflows in any environment. We're continuously adding new tools based on customer requests, and maintain an open GitHub project for customer contributions.

Speed & Scalability

Nucleus is an enterprise application that scales to support any sized organization and remains lightning-fast regardless of the number of tools in use, concurrent users, or amount of vulnerability data imported.

SSO & Custom Roles

Nucleus integrates with your single sign-on provider and lets you map your existing roles to Nucleus roles, minimizing the administrative overhead of enterprise user and role management.

Scheduled Reporting

Nucleus has built in reports for roles ranging from executive to technician, and they can be automatically emailed to anyone who needs them, at any frequency needed.

Accurate Status Tracking

Nucleus supports over 10 different vulnerability statuses ranging from false-positive to risk-accepted. Vulnerability status is remembered from scan to scan, and tracked over time to provide a complete history of each vulnerability from discovery to remediation.

Pen Test & Audit Results

Most enterprises rely heavily on pentest teams to discover vulnerabilities scanning tools miss. Nucleus lets you say goodbye to reports and manage your pentest results alongside your vulnerability scanning results.

Fixing the Broken Vulnerability Management Process

Broken VM processes continue to plague organizations large and small. As the vulnerability landscape continues to evolve rapidly, the processes used to discover, track, and remediate them has failed to evolve with it. In this eBook, we explore the importance of maintaining a contemporary VM program and the critical components used to build one.


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