Github Advanced Security

Unified Visibility into AppSec Vulnerabilities and Risk

  • Gain Unified visibility into application vulnerabilities across all your GitHub organizations, teams, repositories, and branches. 
  • Aggregate application, cloud, and network security assets and vulnerabilities into a single pane of glass.
Github Asset Data
Github Risk Priority

Prioritize Application Vulnerabilities

  • Use business criticality to determine the priority of vulnerability remediation within GitHub
  • Prioritize vulnerability remediation based on exploitability provided through Mandiant threat feeds provided by Nucleus

Surface Vulnerabilities to Developers for Remediation

  • Provide Application Development Teams with visibility into critical application vulnerability and risks as a part of their existing software development lifecycle
Github Vulnerability
Utility Company Cybersecurity

In a noticeably brief time we were able to get our widely exploitable vulnerabilities to zero.

Github Integrations

Github Application Security Product Demo