Accurate, Scalable and Streamlined Vulnerability Management Risk Reporting

Risk Reporting

If you’re trying to do enterprise vulnerability management at scale, chances are you need to be able to generate reports as fast and as easily as possible for a variety of stakeholders from the executive to the technician level. For you, the challenge might be that you have a plethora of sources for vulnerability data—network scanners, application scanners, CMDBs, ASMs, pen tests, compliance findings, etc.—each with their own unique data models and export structures. It can be a nightmare to export, analyze, correlate, deduplicate, and package all this data into high-quality reports that are meaningful to the recipient.

This creates a lot of friction. It makes it very difficult to have effective communication and collaboration and high-level visibility into the whole of your vulnerability and risk picture — much less properly determine priorities across individuals and teams. You need to be able to rapidly generate reports on the data that matters to the stakeholders that need it, and in a format that works for them. Doing this manually or with specialized tools is a nonstarter. You need a tool specialized for managing vulnerabilities and reporting on status and progress. That’s where Nucleus comes in.

Nucleus is an all-in-one aggregation and automation platform for managing assets and vulnerabilities that enables security teams to conduct vulnerability management and application security activities at scale. One of the core capabilities in Nucleus is the ability to ingest, correlate, deduplicate, and normalize all the vulnerability data, including network, application, and cloud resources, that exist in all the disparate tools across all the units and teams across your enterprise. The data is then available in one centralized location, alongside pen test results and compliance findings. where it can be analyzed and acted on.

Nucleus gives you accurate risk reports based on vulnerability intelligence, threat intelligence, and asset context. It has built in reports for roles ranging from executive to technician, and they can be automatically emailed to anyone who needs them, at any frequency needed. Nucleus also enables you to schedule reports to automatically be emailed to stakeholders, giving vulnerability analysts one less thing to do every reporting period.

Nucleus Overview

Introducing Nucleus for Vulnerability Management

Above all, Nucleus is designed to make you and your team more effective and efficient at doing, and automating as much as possible, the subprocesses of vulnerability management including Discovery, Enrichment, Analysis, Remediation, and Monitoring. It’s a power tool to help you remediate more of the right vulnerabilities, the most critical, faster and with less headache and effort than you ever thought possible. We’re not big on hype but we’re proud to share that Nucleus customers have called the app a game changer for their security programs and unreal in terms of time savings and gains in efficiency. But don’t take our word for it…

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