How to Build an Effective Human-Centric VM Program

Automation improves vulnerability management, but the role of human expertise in mature VM programs remains indispensable.

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore how the human element can enhance vulnerability management programs, ensuring they are adaptive and resilient.

Learn from industry experts Nikki Robinson, STMS – Cyber Resiliency and Recovery at IBM and Co-Author of “Effective Vulnerability Management: Managing Risk in the Vulnerable Digital Ecosystem”, and Steve Carter, Co-Founder and CEO of Nucleus Security, as they dive into the strategies to efficiently manage vulnerabilities through collaboration and human-centric approaches.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • The VM Lifecycle and how human factors tie to each stage
  • The challenges faced by VM professionals such as decision fatigue, alert fatigue, the
    sheer volume of vulnerabilities, VM fatigue, and mental workload
  • How to balance automation and when to apply human intervention and act on automated outputs for efficient vulnerability remediation
  • Practical steps to integrate human factors into your vulnerability management program

See you there!

Wednesday, June 26, 2pm ET