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Nucleus FlexConnect

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Integrating diverse data sets for security purposes is a complex yet critical endeavor for organizations aiming to maintain a robust defense against threats. It’s akin to piecing together a complex puzzle where each piece represents a different data source, and without all the pieces, the picture remains incomplete. If you don’t have the complete picture, it is extremely difficult to have a plan to address your vulnerability risk, which leads to incomplete data, slower remediation timelines, and frosty meetings with management.

Nucleus has recognized the importance of seamless data integration, dedicating significant resources to enhance the capabilities of our Vulnerability Graph, which combines asset, vulnerability, and threat data seamlessly into one centralized platform. Our goal is to ensure that organizations can concentrate on safeguarding their operations without the added burden of worrying about data compatibility issues. Our platform is designed from the ground up for ease of integration, allowing for a smooth connection with a wide range of security tools, both current and ones that do not yet exist. 

Ingest any source of vulnerability or asset data into Nucleus using FlexConnect

Our latest advancement in this area is the introduction of FlexConnect, a tool that dramatically broadens the scope of our Vulnerability Graph. With FlexConnect, we are able to ingest and process data from any source, in any format, making our platform even more versatile. This tool complements our extensive collection of pre-configured integrations, ensuring that no data, no matter how niche or specialized, is left out of your security analysis.

FlexConnect embodies our commitment to a “no data left behind” approach. It is built to accommodate any data type, aligning with a flexible semantic model that can be customized to fit the unique requirements of our customers. This includes support for

  • A wide array of data transport mechanisms
  • Adaptable file parsers capable of understanding various file formats
  • A sophisticated mapping engine designed to normalize and enrich data according to the specific needs of your security model.

Advantages of Using FlexConnect

  • Utilization of Existing Investments: Many security teams find themselves bogged down with the integration of costly tools and systems they have already invested in. FlexConnect simplifies this process, enabling these teams to focus on strategic security tasks rather than integration challenges.
  • Efficiency and Simplification: The process of creating custom integrations can be daunting and is often outside the core competencies of most security teams. FlexConnect removes this obstacle, providing a straightforward path to data integration.
  • Unlocking Hidden Data Value: In the vast ecosystem of security data, some sources are unconventional yet valuable. FlexConnect acts as a master key, unlocking these data treasures and integrating them into the broader security framework.
  • Use Nucleus Automation Engine: FlexConnect data ingests automatically normalize, deduplicate, and correlate the data alongside all your other security tools, providing intelligent insight and matching across other data sources. For example, assets from FlexConnect will automatically deduplicate against assets that were found in any other security tool, including ephemeral cloud assets. These integrations also benefit from using the Nucleus automation engine to automate workflows such as ownership assignment, ticketing, reporting, SLA management and more. So you can keep all your workflows in one place regardless of the data source.  

Common Use Cases

  • Importing asset data and metadata from a CMDB or ITSM, to include a custom asset database with ownership and tag information.
  • Importing vulnerability data from a custom developed scanning tool or vulnerability database. 
  • Importing security compliance findings and misconfigurations from obscure and lesser-known compliance scanning tools.

Nucleus’s Vulnerability Graph, fortified with FlexConnect and our broad integration capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution for managing and leveraging security data. It enables organizations to piece together the data puzzle, ensuring no piece is missing, thus providing a complete and actionable security picture.

To discover how our over 150 data integrations, including FlexConnect, can transform your security data landscape, we invite you to engage with our team for more information.

Getting Started with FlexConnect

Nucleus FlexConnect setup documentation is available on the Nucleus help portal here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a list of pre-existing Nucleus FlexConnect integrations?

We’re compiling a list for our Integrations page now. Contact us in the meantime to see if your tool has an existing integration. 

What scripting language is used for Nucleus FlexConnect integrations?

FlexConnect happens in any language of your choosing. At Nucleus we primarily use Python for ease of use. Alternatively you can just tell Nucleus your preferred mappings and we can handle that for you! 

Where can Nucleus FlexConnect integrations run?

FlexConnect is the name, and flexibility is the game! Flexconnects can run basically anywhere, with options to include on-premises, private cloud, lambda, containers, or on our infrastructure (and more!). 

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