Crowdstrike Falcon Spotlight

CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight

Vulnerability Management integrated with CrowdStrike

Crowdstrike Falcon Spotlight is an endpoint monitoring software built to flag vulnerabilities at endpoints with an always-on, lightweight agent. Falcon Spotlight monitors the vulnerability status of all endpoints wherever they reside: on-premises, off-premises, or in the cloud

Nucleus integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight to give organizations a more complete understanding of their risks associated with endpoint vulnerabilities. Data collected at CrowdStrikes endpoint agent is aggregated with vulnerability data from across your organization in Nucleus, providing risk-based vulnerability prioritization across all of your assets.

CrowdStrike Vulnerability Prioritization Demo

Use Cases

  • Gain unified visibility into endpoint vulnerabilities across on-premise, off-premise, and cloud devices.
  • Prioritize endpoint vulnerabilities based on risk, including business criticality, threat exploitability, and CrowdStrike metadata.
  • Remediate surface vulnerabilities that align with endpoint patch management workflows using bi-direction ticketing integrations such as ServiceNow.

CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight Network Diagram

1: Vulnerability data and asset context is synced context from Falcon Spotlight and other sources
2: Nucleus aggregates asset and vulnerability context across systems providing unified visibility
3: Threat intelligence is applied to vulnerabilities and business context is applied to assets
4: High risk threats are prioritized for remediation
5: Workflows help streamline remediation so the right teams can quickly take action
6: Track, report, and measure the success of your vulnerability management program

How to Configure CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight

CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight connector setup documentation is available on the Nucleus help portal.