• January 20, 2021
  • Adam Dudley

Nucleus is built on our commitment to listen to our customers and shape the solution to be what they need – it’s at the core of our company culture. To kick-off 2021, we’ve taken this a step further, making it easier for customers to get answers to their questions, while simultaneously offering more transparency and influence into our roadmap via Customer Webinars.

We’re on a mission to make customer life simple by making our support even better! Today we’re excited to announce two large efforts that are ready for primetime:

To help get even more out of Nucleus, we’ve revamped our Help Center with an updated support portal and expanded documentation. Sometimes you don’t want to wait on an answer or talk to another person for help – or maybe you just prefer self-guided learning. We’ve been hard at work building a new user-friendly Help Center to give answers to most of your Nucleus questions in one spot (but don’t worry, we’re still here to talk 1-on-1). Customers can easily access the support portal and documentation from the in-app toolbar in the upper righthand corner.

Nucleus Help Center

The new Nucleus Help Center

We’re also excited to have our customers preview our product roadmap, help inform it, and explore new features. Beginning in February, we’ll begin hosting Quarterly Customer Webinars for this particular purpose. It’s a chance for customers to learn what’s new with Nucleus, what’s coming next, and ask questions directly to our team. We welcome registration to our first such webinar on February 9th at this link.

This Success program will continue to evolve over the coming year, and we hope you will help shape and enhance it with your feedback. At the end of the day, we’re here to build the best tool to serve our customer’s needs, and we hope these programs will make that even easier and more valuable.