• August 9, 2021
  • Adam Dudley

Introducing: Bulk Editing of Vulnerabilities

Nucleus’ aim is to make vulnerability management as simple and repeatable as possible so that as professionals in IT, we can move on with our lives and spend our time where it matters most – whatever that means to us in our context.

One of the ways we do this is by allowing you to harness the power of the Nucleus Automation Engine to write vulnerability processing rules that are contextual to your organization, and that is backed by asset metadata sourced from your environment.

Sometimes, though, we need to make a one-off manual change on a large scale, and at those times it’s nice to be able to do it from the comfort of the user interface with a clear understanding of the effects that you’re having. Now you can do this in Nucleus too.

Today we are releasing a Bulk Modify button for the Active Vulnerabilities page, and with this single button, powerful actions can be taken. Selecting one or more vulnerabilities from the Active Vulnerabilities page and clicking Modify will bring up a dialog for making changes.

Bulk Editing Vulns

We’ve brought the same experience from the Nucleus Automation Engine to this action too. There are options to modify individual instances of the selected vulnerabilities, including assigning them to users, changing the status, setting a due date, and adding a comment, as well as changing the unique vulnerability attributes: exploitability, severity, and pinning or unpinning them from the top of the grid.

You are presented with the number of unique vulnerabilities and instances of vulnerabilities that will be changed, and when you hit Start Bulk Action you’ll be shown the progress of the change until completed. During the change, you can also close the dialog and it will continue running in the background. Re-selecting Modify again will return you to the progress window.

What will you do with all of those time savings?!