• September 13, 2020
  • Steve Carter

Unified Vulnerability Management for MSSP’s

Today Nucleus, the emerging leader in unified vulnerability management solutions, launched its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program, enabling MSSPs across the globe to provide more efficient and effective vulnerability and risk identification and remediation to their clients. Organizations large and small continue to struggle in keeping pace with today’s expanding vulnerability landscape. In response, Nucleus has teamed up with a trusted network of service providers to deliver a scalable, multi-tenant solution to their clients, automating the end-to-end vulnerability analysis, triage, and remediation process.

“We bring a truly unique perspective to this program, having built Nucleus while serving as MSSPs ourselves” said Stephen Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Nucleus. “We were determined to build a more sensible solution. As threats and vulnerabilities evolved, we saw the industry failing to evolve with it – leaving us with a number of useful but disparate tools – and no real way to leverage their value as a collective solution. We built Nucleus to change that.”

Nucleus integrates with the existing tools in a security stack, providing a single pane of glass through which MSSPs can monitor the security posture of their clients and manage vulnerability data alongside the other tools in their portfolio. Integrating with over 70 scanners and external tools, Nucleus ingests the entire scope of vulnerability data and consolidates it into one place, automating the remediation process so teams work more effectively.

Designed by MSSPs, for MSSPs, Nucleus partners also benefit from multi-tenancy, custom branding, and extensive compliance reporting – managing the solution independently for all clients across a single console with deep analytics and insights. Nucleus is seeking interested partners that offer managed services and could benefit from adding a unified vulnerability management solution to their portfolio. For more information about the program and benefits, interested parties should contact mssp@nucleussec.com or request a free trial.

Nucleus is a vulnerability and risk management platform that unifies existing tools in your security stack, creating a centralized hub to control the chaos of vulnerability analysis, triage, and remediation. We built Nucleus to solve the problems we faced every day doing our jobs as vulnerability professionals. Nucleus is built to solve the tedious vulnerability management process through smart automation of tasks throughout the entire workflow. Harness the power of a unified vulnerability solution today at https://nucleussec.com.