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Vulnerability Management Challenges for MSSPs

Whether it’s maximizing resources, the burden of manual reporting, or the sheer complexity of staying ahead of an evolving risk landscape, many MSSPs share the same VM headaches…


Given the shortage of cybersecurity talent, seasoned VM experts are extremely difficult to find and retain. As new clients are onboarded, existing clients often suffer because resources are stretched too thin to keep pace with the demand.


The recent explosion of new vulnerability scanning tools, combined with widespread adoption of cloud and DevOps, means there are more and more complex systems to monitor and respond to, usually with limited resources.


Whether it’s compliance or ad hoc, MSSPs can sink countless man-hours into reporting. The manual process of building and sending those reports means valuable resources are taken away from the role they were hired to perform.


Manage All Customers from One Dashboard

Nucleus was designed from the start to make MSSPs more efficient and effective at managing vulnerability and risk information for their clients.


From a single console, MSSPs manage asset and vulnerability information for each client independently. Allow your clients to interact with their vulnerability and asset info in real-time, speeding up the mitigation process. Define custom risk scoring algorithms based on risk tolerance and priorities, while automating custom vulnerability management workflows and triage processes based on individual need.

Global Dashboard


With Nucleus, your brand is showcased on all customer-facing components of the application, helping to boost visibility and differentiate your service. Your organization’s logo is displayed on all web pages and screens that your clients access. All custom reports and email correspondence use templates branded for your organization, as well.

Project Dashboard


With Nucleus, MSSP’s can generate compliance reports (e.g. PCI ASV reports) quickly and easily to save countless man-hours, deliver reports 10x faster, and enable their customers to mitigate vulnerabilities more quickly. Filter reports to the specific projects and assets, generate reports for every role, from high-level executives to technicians, and schedule reports to be delivered at any time.

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Your Clients Will Love Us as Much as You Will

Nucleus delivers a vulnerability management solution to MSSPs that want the highest level of efficiency and automation for their customers, making everyone in the chain informed, secure, and happy.


Nucleus automates processes that were traditionally manual, saving time and freeing up resources. No more copying/pasting from a report to various tools and no more spreadsheets to share!


Enjoy frictionless communication between the management team, vulnerability analyst team, remediation team, and MSSP vulnerability assessment team. Get everyone on the same page.


Mark vulnerabilities as remediated when the fix is in place, giving an accurate risk picture between vulnerability scans instantly, across all teams. Clients enjoy exact insights into their security posture.

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