Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Nucleus co-founder Scott Kuffer and Jared Semrau of Mandiant join host Patrick Gray to talk about integrating Mandiant data into Nucleus to make threat intelligence actionable.


To learn more about this partnership and the power of adding threat intelligence into your vulnerability management process (for free), read more here.

To listen to the entire Risky.Biz episode: Risky Business #662 — “It’s a bad month to be an electricity grid”

Show Notes:

  • Ukraine foils Russian ICS hack
  • US Government burns someone’s ICS toolkit
  • China gets all up in India’s energy gridz
  • The Heroku/Hithub/Travis CI story is very confusing
  • US DOJ removes GRU malware from Watchguard boxes under Rule 41
  • North Korea behind $540m crypto hack
  • Much, much more