Number of Integrations





Multi-tenancy within a single customer account

Automated Workflow Engine

Multiple asset context controls for prioritization

Threat intel prioritization

Risk score on a set of assets

Integrates with pen test results

Management of more than CVEs/CWEs

Historical reporting & analysis

Real-time, bi-directional sync with ticketing systems

Manage compliance scans, configuration hardening results alongside vulnerabilities

Track, Triage, and Report on unique vulnerabilities (FEDRAMP, NIST 800-53)

Multiple report generation with automated delivery

Compliance configurations

Integration-build guarantee

Transparent pricing on web

We’re Built to Work the Way that You Do.


Nucleus was conceived out of necessity to enable our founders to do vulnerability management faster and easier in the trenches in their previous company working in VM with organizations ranging from government agencies to MSSPs. Soon, the commercial potential for Nucleus was realized, and Nucleus was spun off into a new company to be made available to the world. From day one, Nucleus was built for streamlining the process of vulnerability management and making life easier for the vulnerability managers and analysts doing the work, day in and day out.


Unlike most software vendors, we’re willing to work closely and in partnership with our customers to make Nucleus a "100% solution" for you even if it's only 80% going into the relationship. Our flexibility and willingness to build product roadmap milestones and development requirements into our purchase agreements is something we (and our delighted customers) see as a major competitive differentiator.


Our belief is that many software vendors in the cybersecurity space and vulnerability management niche are solving problems that don’t exist, leaning on and relying heavily on tech buzz phrases like "machine learning" and slick, expensive marketing to create demand where it previously didn’t exist. Nucleus is focused on and committed to solving the real problems our customers face every day in the field doing the challenging process of vulnerability management.

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– Pedro, SensePost

(We love you, too, Pedro <3)


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