How to Operationalize Vulnerability Threat Intelligence.

With so many vulnerabilities to address and potential threats looming, how can organizations prioritize and respond effectively? Enter Vulnerability Threat Intelligence (VTI). This knowledge not only aids in pinpointing vulnerabilities but also shapes strategies for risk acceptance and rapid responses to zero-day threats.
Join our webinar where Patrick Garrity from Nucleus Security, Caleb Hoch from Google, and Jared Semrau from Mandiant, uncover how to effectively leverage vulnerability threat intelligence (VTI).
Throughout the discussion, you will learn:
  • Mandiant’s Unique Approach to Threat Intelligence: Learn how different components of Threat Intelligence are harmoniously utilized to gauge the true impact of vulnerabilities.
  • Strategies for Prioritizing Vulnerabilities: Transition from mere patch prioritization to an informed strategy, backed by actionable threat intelligence insights.
  • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: Discover real-world techniques, using tools like Splunk and Chronicle paired with Nucleus data, to provide context and power to your security operations centers.
  • Rapid Response Protocols for Zero-Day Threats: Equip yourself with knowledge to preemptively tackle zero-day vulnerabilities and other imminent cyber threats.

By the end of our session, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to weave vulnerability threat intelligence into their cyber defense strategies, coupled with actionable insights to stay ahead of threats.

See you there!

December 20th, 2023 at 2pm ET

How to Operationalize Vulnerability Threat Intelligence