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runZero Asset Management

runZero Vulnerability Management Integration

Integration Overview

runZero is an asset inventory and network visibility solution that helps organizations find and identify managed and unmanaged assets connected to their networks and in the cloud.

Integration with runZero Asset Discovery enables you to sync your asset data contained in the runZero console to the Nucleus Asset Inventory. By connecting your vulnerability scan results with other sources of asset information, you gain key insights useful in the Vulnerability Management process.

Nucleus automatically imports your runZero tags as nested Nucleus Asset Groups, so you can utilize your existing organizational hierarchy from runZero. This allows you to implement filters and automation rules from your runZero data on your vulnerability scan results.

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“Nucleus and runZero Announce Integration”

Use Cases

Common security use cases for RunZero with Nucleus include:

  • Identify gaps in scan coverage between vulnerability scan results and asset inventory systems.
  • Enrich scan results with additional asset information, such as Open Ports & Services, or OS versions.
  • Utilize organizational hierarchy from RunZero asset tags

RunZero Reference Diagram

Rumble Network Diagram

1: Sync Asset Inventory from runZero and other sources
2: Nucleus aggregates asset and vulnerability context across systems providing unified visibility
3: Threat intelligence is applied to vulnerabilities and business context is applied to assets 
4: High risk threats are prioritized for remediation
5: Workflows help automate remediation so the right teams can quickly take action
6: Track, report and measure the success of your vulnerability management program

How to Configure runZero

runZero connector setup documentation is available on the Nucleus help portal here.