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Achieve VM maturity and boost performance with automation, transparent risk scoring and prioritization, multi-tenancy, and easy to use integrations that connect with the tools they use most.

Why enterprise VM teams choose Nucleus over our competitors:

  • Advanced automation rules and triggers
  • Integrates successfully with the most popular AppSec scanning platforms
  • Customizable and transparent risk scoring and prioritization
  • Hundreds of easy-to-use integrations
  • Multitenancy and asset grouping support

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30 reviews

“Ease of Use – single view Dashboard and excellent Vulnerability monitoring.”

I like best about Nucleus the centralized view of vulnerabilities, compliance, and vulnerability overview with different classifications.

Pradeep S.
Team Lead

“A refreshing solution for modern-day vulnerability management!”

Nucleus unifies your vulnerability management, and brings all the data you need into a centralised location is a huge plus.

Verified User
Computer & Network Security

“Prioritizing risk into bite size pieces has been a game changer.”

The customization in the UI to allow me to do just that is something I have not had experience within other Vulnerability Management tools I have used in the past.

Kate B
Vulnerability Management Engineer

“Vulnerabilities Are Everywhere”

It’s easy to use Nucleus to pull all [your] vulnerabilities together and make sense of them. This gives you the ability to patch and remediate the issues that are really affecting your organization in a thoughtful manner.

Cybersecurity Leader
Senior Security Architect

“Vulnerability Management has never been easier!”

Nucleus has helped out a lot with asset deduplication and parsing of data sources. This helps us ingest new data to our Projects, as well as identify assets that need cleaning up in our own tools.

Julian J.
Vulnerability Analyst II

“Best Vulnerability management platform”

We now have a consistent way to searching, reporting, prioritize and managing status of all vulnerabilities from all scanning tools we use in the organization. Nucleus has been a tremendous ROI for our team.

Amber S.
Information System Security Officer

“Hands down the best tool available for vulnerability management.”

Centralization, normalization, automation, Nucleus eliminates all the redundancy and human error in analyzing vulnerability data. Without, it would not be possible to get the completeness or accuracy in reviewing vulnerability data.

Michael N.
Co-Founder, Member of Board

Customer Story:

Nucleus empowers a leading utility provider to prioritize and fix vulnerabilities rather than being overwhelmed by them

“We were able to get our widely exploitable vulnerabilities to zero.”

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