• June 7, 2024
  • Kevin Swartz

Vulnerability Management Trends & SLAs: Risky Biz Podcast Episode

Nucleus Security co-founder and COO, Scott Kuffer, joined the Risky Biz News Podcast with host Catalin Cimpanu, for a discussion around trends Nucleus is observing when it comes to vulnerability management and how service level agreements (SLAs) have become a sign of an organization’s security health. 

In the podcast, Scott and Catalin discuss major trends of high performing vulnerability management programs for organizations using Nucleus’ platform, including:

  • Discussion around the way vulnerability remediation prioritization is changing
  • The bottlenecks that exist for vulnerability management programs, including data management, the ticketing process, and audit trails, at scale 
  • The value of automation for a vulnerability management program, so focus can be spent on higher level remediation activities 
  • The importance of SLAs and how they can be leveraged like a diagnostic tool to allow organizations to measure the health of their vulnerability management program
  • Why SLAs need to be realistic and built and managed at the individual and team level

You can listen to the full episode above or view it on the Risky.Biz website at https://risky.biz/RBNEWSSI46a/.

Nucleus Security Demo