• October 6, 2021
  • Adam Dudley

Container Image Assets now support OCI & Docker Specifications

We’re excited to announce that the Nucleus asset model now has in-depth support for both the OCI and Docker image and registry specifications.

These specifications define how container images are represented and passed around by servers and container registries, as well as how the uniqueness of a container image is calculated.

In this latest release, we’ve updated the container image asset model in Nucleus to implement all of the features of these specifications, setting the groundwork for ingestion and correlation from many different container image scanning tools as well as future features.

Viewing Container Images in Nucleus

We’ve updated the Nucleus user interface to give you a better understanding of your container images and the information on them.

The asset management page’s grid now shows you all of the relevant and available information relating to a container image, with expanded information when you hover over a particular image:

container images

Viewing a specific container image now also shows you all of the extended details about that image, including the primary registry that it is stored in and the platform it was compiled for:

Secondary registries can be added by editing the asset, or by updating it via the API or with a custom Nucleus scan file:

Speaking of API and custom Nucleus scan files, both have been updated to include full support for this new container image model. Find out about the available fields here.