• December 11, 2020
  • Adam Dudley

Nucleus Release Notes – December 08, 2020 (Automation Rules via API)

We’re pleased to bring you a new release of Nucleus with several enhancements and customer requests added! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

NEW! For flexibility, Nucleus is an API-First application. Customers can access all the functionality and data available in the Nucleus UI with the API. The Nucleus API is feature-rich, RESTful, and documented in Swagger.

With this release, customers can use the API to create and manage 1.) asset processing automation rules, and 2.) ticketing automation rules.

UPDATE! Many Nucleus customers use ServiceNow as their CMDB. This release includes a more robust ServiceNow CMDB integration. Now customers can link custom fields from custom tables for import into Nucleus.

NEW! Before this release, customers used breadcrumbs and an in-app back button. Now customers can also use the browser back button to navigate the app. Plus, it’s compatible with all major browsers.

UPDATE! With Nucleus, customers can use their favorite scanning, issue tracking, and ticketing systems. This month, Nucleus AppSec customers using Sonatype got an upgrade. Tickets created in Nucleus for Sonatype scans have package names and extra information.

Every Nucleus release also includes various bug fixes, speed enhancements, and UI enhancements. We thrive on making our customers happy and more efficient with Nucleus!