• November 11, 2020
  • Adam Dudley

Nucleus Release – November 10, 2020 (Nested Grouping, Connector Updates, and More!)

We’re pleased to bring you a new release of Nucleus with several enhancements and customer requests added! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Nested Asset Groups

Nucleus Nested Asset Groups

Nucleus now supports nested asset groups. Nested asset groups are a flexible way to create a hierarchy of all the assets across your entire organization. Organize your assets however you like and set up workflows so that newly discovered assets automatically get added to the groups you want.

Tickets View

Nucleus Tickets View

We’ve added a Tickets view to the Vulnerability Details window. Whether you use Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk, etc., now you can create tickets and interact with these platforms all from within the context of a specific finding and all the instances of that finding in Nucleus without having to go to another page or logging in to your ticketing tool.

Zendesk Connector

Nucleus Zendesk Connector

True to our Integration Support Commitment, when customers ask, we deliver! This month we’re pleased to announce we’ve added Zendesk to our growing list of over 70 integrations.

The Full List of Updates from 2020.09.22

  • NEW Nested asset groups, so you can now create and preserve a hierarchy of all your assets across your entire enterprise
    • We also modified connector imports to pull in nesting from various tools, such as Checkmarx, Qualys, AWS, and Rumble
  • NEW Import Custom Asset attribute fields from ServiceNow CMDB
    • Set up asset sync to pull in custom fields from ServiceNow
    • Use the ServiceNow fields in Nucleus automation rules for grouping, ticketing, and asset ingest from ServiceNow.
  • NEW Ticketing page where you can interact with external ticketing systems directly from within Nucleus
    • Use Case: Create a ticket in Jira, Zendesk, or ServiceNow from Nucleus, then add comments directly on that comment from within Nucleus in real-time for a more coordinated and efficient workflow.
  • NEW Zendesk Support ticketing connector – Added support for creating and syncing back tickets in realtime with Nucleus
  • Checkmarx connector update
    • Support v9 of Checkmarx
    • Import based on Team, not just based on project name
    • Added additional filters to the project-based import
  • Rapid7 connector – host and tag-based import
    • Now import data from Rapid7 via Asset group or asset tag, in addition to Site
  • Prisma Cloud Connector update – Project-based import in addition to container image-based import
  • Sonatype Connector Updates
  • New Dependabot Connector – transition from an API which was being deprecated to a new API
  • Netsparker connector updates – Added additional information from scan results
  • API key service accounts can now be created (and permissions managed) within the Nucleus console
  • Automatically email a user when a vulnerability has been assigned to them in Nucleus.
  • API updates – Allow users to create & update asset information into nested groups
  • Automation rule updates – allow for nested asset group use in current automation rules
  • Various bug fixes, speed enhancements, and UI enhancements.