• September 28, 2020
  • Adam Dudley

Nucleus Release – September 22, 2020 (Github Dependabot, Realtime Jira Updates, and more)

We’re pleased to bring you a new release of Nucleus with several enhancements and customer requests added! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Jira Webooks

Nucleus now supports webhooks for Jira. With webhooks you can get Jira tickets (including comments, status, etc.) synced and available in Nucleus in real time. No more back and forth between apps to get the insight you need!

Support for AttackForge

We’ve added support for AttackForge JSON files. AttackForge is the pen testing management and collaboration platform of choice for many large enterprises. We’re excited to be working with the nice folks at AttackForge!

GitHub Dependabot Connector (beta)

True to our Integration Support Commitment, when customers ask, we deliver! This month we’re pleased to announce we’ve added Dependabot to our growing list of over 70 integrations.

The Full List of Updates from 2020.09.22

  • Jira Webhooks for realtime syncing of tickets (comments, status, etc) back to Nucleus
  • Jira Connector Updates
  • Added Support for AttackForge Penetration Testing Platform JSON output files
  • New Executive Report Group Excel Report (by popular demand)
  • Github Dependabot connector Beta Release
  • Custom Report at the global level
  • Sonatype NexusIQ connector updates
    • Can now import based on organization, application, or category
  • Prisma CloudCompute connector updates
    • Support for Prisma Projects and non-admin project support
    • Pull in CI scans
  • Burp Suite Plugin Updates
  • Checkmarx Connector Updates
    • Now pull in Checkmarx teams as Nucleus groups
    • Filter import via Connector page by Team
    • Pull in Additional details about CWE information and map to the description for Checkmarx findings
    • Pull in false positives from Checkmarx console
  • Acunetix connector updates
  • Support for new Blackduck file format
  • Assessment Module updates
  • Added Medium severity findings to the global level
  • API updates
    • Added default sorting to various calls
    • Added new call for Risk Score
    • Added asset search filter to docs
    • Updated some error messages
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Various UI updates