Nucleus Product Update 2.12

Start 2023 off right with more connector and platform improvements.

Welcome to the Nucleus Product Update 2.12, a short and sweet one. This product update includes: 

  • Connector speed improvements for Sonatype, Veracode, Tenable and several more 
  • Efficiency improvements when completing various tasks in Nucleus 

Check out all the details for these updates below. 

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A Special Toast to 2023

As 2023 kicks off, we want to take a moment to thank you for being our customer. Your continued loyalty and support of Nucleus is deeply appreciated. The trust and confidence you place in our team and products each day plays a vital role in our current and future success. We pledge to continually improve every aspect of our company each day ahead of us. Thank you for allowing us to help keep your business safe and giving us so much to be grateful for in the first days of 2023. We can’t wait for you to see all the exciting things that Nucleus has in store for this next year. 

Cheers to tackling 2023 together! 

The Nucleus Team  

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You can access the Nucleus change log to view the complete, unedited version of release updates posted each week. Select the subscribe to the RSS feed option on this page if you would like to receive weekly change log updates. This new Nucleus Product Update is intended to fully summarize and outline those weekly changes for you, with more details, each month. The product updates include all the following features and improvements: 

Product Improvements (Performance, Experience, & Functionality) 

  • Sped up status changes of vulnerability instances. 
  • Sped up bulk un-assignment of teams to include larger data sets. 
  • Improved efficiency of manually running automation rules. 

Integration Improvements 


  • Added job reschedule functionality in cases where we meet rate limits. 


  • Resolved an issue where data was not imported correctly in certain cases.  


  • Improved speed of this connector. 

Tenable (Nessus): 

  • Improved efficiency of this connector when ingesting vulnerabilities. 


  • Improved this connector to better delineate CWEs and CVEs. 
  • Sped up this connector when no new findings are found. 

Bug Fixes 

  • A bug where rules would not run if using Source as criteria in asset processing. 
  • A bug where individual subitems from sub-scans were not correctly ingested with the InsightVM connector. 
  • A bug where we were not ingesting all available metadata for deployed images with the Prisma Cloud connector.  
  • A bug where we were repeatedly downloading the same scan file with the Netsparker connector. 
  • A bug with setting “owner team” and “support team” via the API when both fields have already been set. 
  • A bug with the formatting of finding counts in notifications.  

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