• January 6, 2021
  • Adam Dudley

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Jeff Gouge to serve as our new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Gouge, who previously served as the AD of Information Technology Security at the University of North Florida, will assume company-wide leadership of the organization’s information security program, responsible for enhancing and scaling out security operations, incident response, and IT infrastructure.

“A thoughtful and targeted approach to data protection and security operations is more important now than ever before, given today’s radically shifting threat landscape,” said Steve Carter, CEO and co-founder of Nucleus. “The most forward-thinking companies invest and prepare to meet the security needs of their workforce, and by extension, their customers.”

“As a security vendor ourselves, we recognize that our customers place an enormous amount of trust in us, and we continue to make internal cybersecurity practices a top business priority.”

Gouge joins Nucleus as the company focuses on global expansion spurred by unprecedented growth and solution adoption. In 2020, the company customer base grew by 5x, while nearly tripling employee headcount from the previous year. As more enterprises turn an eye to effectively managing vulnerabilities and streamlining security operations into a single platform, Carter expects this growth to continue.

“There’s already such an engrained culture of security at Nucleus, considering the founders have spent decades in this space. It’s clearly core to everything Nucleus does,” said Gouge. “At the same time, the organization is growing at an astounding rate and a strategic approach to scaling infrastructure and process is critical for employees and customers alike.”

Carter added, “we’re excited to welcome Jeff to the Nucleus team, and I’m confident in his leadership to implement and grow this program to exceed industry-standards of excellence.”