Nucleus and Snyk Announce New Integration to Strengthen Vulnerability Management Programs

We’re thrilled today to announce a first-of-its-kind integration with our trusted technology partner Snyk, a security organization aiming to help developers secure use of open-source code. The integration, which is the first VM tool in the Snyk integration library, integrates open source dependency and container image vulnerability information (discovered by Snyk) into Nucleus, where they are automatically correlated with SAST and DAST results for a complete picture of application security risk.

“Vulnerability management is a difficult job and we are proud to be able to provide a unified capability with Snyk to deliver better, more actionable results throughout the vulnerability lifecycle.” — Scott Kuffer, Nucleus COO

This powerful, flagship integration incorporates Snyk comprehensive and actionable vulnerability data into the Nucleus dashboards, reporting, alerting, and automation rules so that it can be managed centrally with the rest of the enterprise’s vulnerability information. Users can identify vulnerabilities in both direct and indirect dependencies, container images, and Kubernetes applications, while also reporting on data alongside other tools – including penetration tests, cloud configuration audits, and infrastructure scans.

“Whether organizations know it or not, nearly all their applications use open source libraries and containers. Having access to accurate, timely and comprehensive insights into the potential risk this introduces is essential for developer teams to efficiently contain open source security issues, while maintaining fast, highly scalable development.”  — Jamie O’Meara, Global Solutions Architect, Snyk

Once identified, Snyk users can also fix vulnerabilities throughout their native workflow, while enlisting the powerful vulnerability aggregation capabilities of the Nucleus solution. To learn more about Nucleus and our wide-range of integrations, visit https://nucleussec.com/integrations/.