Nucleus and Rumble Network Discovery Announce New Integration to Strengthen Asset Inventories

In today’s highly dynamic IT environments, maintaining an accurate asset is challenging at best. Even with an accurate inventory, ensuring that your vulnerability management program has full coverage over your inventory is nearly impossible to do at scale. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and Shadow IT, forgotten assets and rogue applications are some of the biggest risks that many organizations are facing.   As a centralized vulnerability management platform, this is a problem that Nucleus is positioned extremely well to solve, and we are determined to solve it for our customers. We are excited to announce our partnership and integration with Rumble Network Discovery as the first step towards this goal!

Created by HD Moore (Founder of the Metasploit Project and former chief research officer at Rapid7), Rumble Network Discovery is a new cloud-based network discovery platform that identifies and monitors network-connected IT assets.  Rumble helps organizations identify connected computers, routers and other devices within a network, extract all relevant details possible, collect the data, compare it against a giant fingerprint database, and show you its findings in an elegant and readable way so you can analyze it properly.  We have been using Rumble ourselves here at Nucleus and find it to be an extremely fast, accurate, and simple to use asset discovery and inventory tool.

With the Nucleus-Rumble integration, users of both products can synchronize their Nucleus asset list with their Rumble asset inventory to identify gaps in scanning coverage and be sure that all assets have been accounted for in their vulnerability management program. You can learn more about Rumble at their website: Rumble Website

Nucleus will be integrating with additional asset discovery and inventory tools over the course of the next 6 months, so stay tuned!