Nucleus and Recorded Future Forge Partnership to Unite Vulnerability Scan Results and Threat Intelligence

Integration provides threat context and scoring alongside insights gleaned from vulnerability scans in one view, enabling customers to get more value from existing security investments.

We’re excited today to announce a new partnership with Recorded Future to automate and correlate findings from vulnerability scan results with threat intelligence feeds. The integration will allow joint clients to leverage Recorded Future data inside Nucleus, adding valuable threat context and scoring alongside insights and information gleaned from vulnerability scans in one view.

“This partnership is the first-of-its-kind to bring third-party threat intelligence alongside the vulnerability picture, automating what was once a painfully manual process,” said Stephen Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Nucleus. “By using real-time automation in context,  teams can now analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities with a more precise picture of the risk and what it means to their environment. With the threat landscape evolving faster than ever, unlocking continuous vulnerability prioritization between scans is a key advantage.”

The average large enterprise utilizes between 10-20 different vulnerability scanning tools at any given time, with the solutions often falling short in providing the vulnerability intelligence needed to analyze and prioritize the discoveries and what they mean contextually.

This new integration seamlessly correlates and enriches insights discovered through those same assessments, combining them with robust threat intelligence. The Recorded Future risk score and augmented vulnerability data enables a deeper analysis and automation of risk prioritization and triage with the latest vulnerability information available – which is simply not available from scanning results alone.

“By combining solutions, we’ve unlocked a wealth of information that allows security teams to make more informed decisions; faster. The context, speed, and accuracy to accelerate remediation is a game-changer,” added Carter. “It’s our first major threat intelligence integration and another big step in enabling our customers to get the most value from their existing security investments.”

For more information about this integration and its benefits, interested parties should contact info@nucleussec.com or visit Recorded Future’s overview.


Recorded Future delivers security intelligence to amplify the effectiveness of security and IT teams in reducing exposure by uncovering unknown threats and informing better, faster decisions. Working to provide a singular view of digital, brand, and third-party risk, the Recorded Future platform provides proactive and predictive intelligence, analyzing data from open, proprietary, and aggregated customer-provided sources. Recorded Future arms threat analysts, vulnerability management teams, security operations centers, and incident responders with context-rich, actionable intelligence in real time that’s ready for integration across the security ecosystem. Learn more at www.recordedfuture.com.