Nucleus and Bit Discovery Announce New Integration to Strengthen Asset Inventories

The biggest and most important unsolved problem in Information Security, arguably all of IT, is asset inventory. Furthermore, an accurate asset inventory is a must-have for any effective vulnerability management program.  However in today’s highly dynamic IT environments, maintaining an accurate asset inventory is challenging at best.  Recently at Nucleus we focused a lot of our development efforts into integrations with asset discovery tools to help our customers enhance vulnerability management programs, and today we are thrilled to announce a partnership and integration with Bit Discovery!

Bit Discovery is an external asset discovery and inventory tool that makes it easy to discover Internet-connected assets including websites, mail servers, DNS servers, VPNs, IoT devices, cloud deployments and third-party providers.  It organizes massive amounts of information and distills it down into a simple and elegant inventory system. Bit Discovery keeps discovering even when you can’t, bringing immediate alerts if anything in your inventory changes.

We have been using Bit Discovery ourselves for several months, and have seen first-hand how helpful it can be to fill in the gaps of traditional asset inventory systems and enhance vulnerability management.  By utilizing asset inventory from Bit Discovery, Nucleus can quickly identify which public-facing assets are not being scanned in accordance with your SLAs and close the gaps in scanning coverage.  Also, with the Nucleus-Bit Discovery integration it is easier than ever to correlate your organization’s Internet-facing applications/services with other related assets (virtual servers, containers, container images, source code, etc.), to provide a holistic view of application risk that no other vulnerability management platform can provide!

You can learn more about Bit Discovery at their website www.bitdiscovery.com and learn more about how Nucleus can automate your risk-based vulnerability management program here.