Nucleus and AttackForge Announce New Integration to Bridge the Gap Between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

We’re thrilled to announce a first-of-its-kind integration with our technology partner AttackForge, the penetration testing platform bringing business, technology, and security teams together. The partnership bridges the gap between the previously siloed data sources of enterprise-scale penetration testing and vulnerability management, empowering security teams and executives to understand their true security posture with a more complete picture across the entire threat landscape.

“This partnership is a big deal for security teams as a whole, not just the practitioners of VM or pen testing individually” said Stephen Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Nucleus. “We saw an opportunity to bring together traditionally independent red team penetration test data with vulnerability scan data to manage them together. This integration allows organizations to unlock additional collaboration and cohesion across both red and blue teams, at scale, in way that was impossible before.”

With this integration, users can push real-time penetration data from AttackForge into Nucleus with the press of a button, providing vulnerability management teams with accurate data in a consumable format to be managed alongside other scan results and risk information inside Nucleus. This connection between the platforms automates the traditionally manual process of reporting pentest findings to the VM team – saving time, simplifying reporting, and automating workflows in the larger enterprise Technical Risk Management process. Penetration teams can now track test results over extended periods of time in a centralized location and have the ability to self-export vulnerabilities from AttackForge into their Nucleus tenant.

“The partnership between Nucleus Security & AttackForge bridges a gap that every security team faces. Until now, pentest data has lived outside of vulnerability management programs, in arbitrary and static reports – making pentest vulnerabilities impossible to track & analyze” said Fil & Stas, Co-founders of AttackForge. “By seamlessly integrating pentest data from AttackForge into Nucleus, organizations gain a true representation of the security posture of their assets, enabling leaders to make informed decisions when it comes to remediation and prioritization.”

For more information about this integration, the individual tools, and its benefits, interested parties should contact info@nucleussec.com or info@attackforge.com.


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