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“We don’t even want to call them your competition because you’re light-years ahead and it’s not even comparable”

— Director of IT, Large State University

If you’re performing due diligence for a vulnerability management and/or application security solution, we have some resources to help. Nucleus is unlike other solutions in a variety of ways, but our main differentiator is our focus on smart automation and workflows to trigger remediation or next steps. Threat intelligence and prioritization is important, but why stop there? Nucleus offers a holistic platform to manage network assets and applications in a way that no other solution on the market comes close to. We invite you to see for yourself!

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Number of Integrations





Multi-tenancy within a single customer account

Automated Workflow Engine

Multiple asset context controls for prioritization

Threat intel prioritization

Risk score on a set of assets

Integrates with pen test results

Management of more than CVEs/CWEs

Historical reporting & analysis

Real-time, bi-directional sync with ticketing systems

Manage compliance scans, configuration hardening results alongside vulnerabilities

Track, Triage, and Report on unique vulnerabilities (FEDRAMP, NIST 800-53)

Multiple report generation with automated delivery

Compliance configurations

Integration-build guarantee

Transparent pricing on web


Manage ALL Processes of a Mature VM Program.

We aren’t here to bash the competition — many of them are great at solving various parts of the problem! But no one ties all
seven steps of a mature vulnerability management program together like Nucleus. See for yourself.








Scan for vulnerabilities using any number of scanner integrations.

Correlate scan results alongside data from Asset Inventories, Threat Intelligence, and other business context.

Determine what needs to be fixed, and in what order, using all available data.

Launch analyst investigations to determine best fix while tracking progress & outcome.

Fix high-severity vulns quickly through controls and mitigations to minimize critical risk.

Implement long-term fixes to mitigate on-going and sustained risk to infrastructure.

Measure progress, report on risk, track vulnerabilities, and make decisions for budget and program priority.

Helping Security Teams Bust the Bottleneck!

Integrating with over 70 scanners and external tools, Nucleus unifies your existing security stack, creating a centralized hub to bust the data bottleneck and control the chaos of vulnerability analysis, triage, and remediation.

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